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Pix de lux - Garbo 1100640

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Descriere produs Pix de lux - Garbo 1100640:
You may be wondering what a pen set has to do with one of the greatest movie legends ever? It’s quite simple: its uniqueness and its presence! The combination of exclusivity and a touch of playful athleticism make our picopen GARBO a real star. Moreover the roller Ball pen and ball pen are characterized by their special talent for writing. Last but not least we have to mention their -dress- with the contrasting barrel in a fine leather look and a strong cross-stitch seam. As you can see, the name GARBO delivers what it promises: a great appearance on your desktop!
Cod 1100640
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Pix promotional fabricat din metal cu corp negru si finisari argintii lucioase. Pixul are pasta de scris albastra si este ambalat in cutie de cadou tu
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